About us

  Brother Abraham David John
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Starting with a bit of how it all began

Pastor Abraham along with his wife Adeline and their two sons – Ajay and Ajith – moved to the United Kingdom in 2003 following the voice of God. We all know that God never makes mistakes, even turning our own mistakes into something beautiful and incredible as per His plan and purpose; so, along the same lines, one fine day, what initially appeared to be a boarding-the- wrong-train for Abraham brought him closer to where God intended him to be – the right destination. In the days following, his family served the Lord at the Rayners Lane Baptist Church, also being part of an outreach program known as the“Neighborhood Network,” serving among the Asian community.

Specifically targeting the Tamil-speaking community in the neighborhood, he started a Tamil fellowship at the church premises.

Soon, God would instill in him also a passion for reaching out to the busy people of the business world, being one himself – both in the community and around the world, enabling him to travel all its nook and crannies.Despite already having enough on his plate, God further pushed Abraham’s boundaries beyond his imagination – calling him to start what would now be called as the World Christian Fellowship in 2008. With complete focus on this God-ordained ministry, Abraham regularly mentors and disciples those passionate about God and His mission near and far as per his Word.

Moving on to what we do now, we meet as a family in Christ fellowship with one another on a weekly basis every Sunday, with frequent meetings during the week connecting the world, for those of us who might not be at a stone’s throw from Harrow, which also includes the Americas and Asia. As passion for His word is what brings us together, we are enthralled by the many revelations that hit us between the eyes week on week, making us grow fonder of God and His Word each day. And of course, we make a joyful noise unto the Lord in His presence, which makes our cup overflow. We break bread each time we meet as instituted by Christ Himself, building ourselves both collectively and individually and integrating into a living stone in His Holy House!!!
Now the churches established in Harrow, Hillingdon, Worcester Park and Harrow Wealdstone in London and Latvian Church in Warrington. Phoenix, Arizona, USA and Riga, Latvia.